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Wooden Flutes, hand made by P.G. Bleazey
6 key flute in bits
The Old Furness Street Stables LANCASTER LA1 5QZ
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I have been making wooden flutes since 1994 and I have made nearly two thousand instruments in that time .helped by a lifetime of experience in mechanical engineering and years of evening classes in the woodwind department of the London Furniture College (now the London Guildhall University) I have developed some of the most versatile instruments available today. After studying various originals and making flutes based on several of them I have settled on a range of flutes based on the rudall rose instruments from the early 19th. century.

My flutes are easy on the embouchure, when people first pick them up the comment is always "wow! this blows really easily" the player accordingly finds him or herself able to concentrate on tone development and expression as the instrument requires so little effort.
I have maintained a system of instrument improvement over the years and endeavour, with every instrument , to improve on what went before. With time proven techniques for studying the internal profile of embouchure and tone holes I am able to achieve a consistency of production which, while every flute is different, guarantees a pleasant playing experience for beginner and expert alike.

I try to use timbers which are not endangered and work with conservationists to help ensure the sustained availability of this precious resource while also trying to give a good return to the people whose livelihoods depend on local resources. Fair Trade Timber is not with us yet but we are working towards it.

Both keyless and keyed models are available all with silver plated tuning slides and mounts. The keys are hand made and hand fitted to the instrument using lined blocks, the traditional and best method, to provide a very slick action and development of the tone hole / pad relationship gives a good loud sound from the keyed toneholes.

Please move on now to the catalogue of my flutes where you will find more detailed information, prices and photographs.

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Every instrument and the tools necessary to make it are hand made by me and, apart from the inevitable second hand market, the instruments which appear on these pages are now only available direct from me. This keeps the price down and the level of service high. I consider myself fortunate to be able to earn a living from a skill which I enjoy greatly and am privilaged to be able to call the hundreds of people who play my instruments, friends.
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The Old Furness Street Stables LANCASTER LA1 5QZ
Tel: 01524 849085 or 07955 607511
To place an order or make further enquiries email:-

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